Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Volunteers...

RINGO - An experienced gardener, he's one of the most active in planning the garden system.

"My given name is Ricky. I decided to join the gardening to help others. I strongly believe that it's not too stressful if we merge our energy and work together."

His name is Thirdy, 7 years old and the youngest volunteer (as of now). He wants to learn about gardening that's why he joined the group. He prefer working together in a team. Aside from gardening, he's also interested to learn woodworking and painting.


CHRYZEL - Shy but keen

"I'm Soy, I am interested to join this project because I want to learn more about planting different varieties of vegetables. It's fun and easy if the volunteers are many."

TONETTE - 10 years old. She joined the group because she wants to help in protecting the environment through planting. She's also interested in writing and painting. She also likes the idea of doing-things-together so the work can be done easily. She wants to cook the harvest and share it to everybody. When asked about other activities that she would like to have, camping was her answer.

MIGUEL - Like other kids, he wants to help other people in need. That is why he joined the group and he is also interested in protecting the environment. He is 10 years old and he likes to work in a group and also would be happy to share some of the harvest to other people. He likes to suggest an art class within the gardening club and he wishes to plant broccoli, sunflower, tomato, squash and potatoes...

FRANCO - Funny and nice, he also likes to help the group so he can contribute something to other people in need and at the same time help protect the environment against pollution and exploitation. He's the first person who asked me a couple of times about the project. After i informed him, he tries to come every morning asking when should we start doing the talk. He likes to help with the blog and also interested in painting, woodworking, writing and camping. He is 9 years old

WILL - Motivated. Cooperative.

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