Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back To Earth...

Being a person living in an artificial and uncompassionate world of wage slavery, genetically-engineered food, and mass media bombardment in almost every corner of the city, I feel great seeing myself in this garden site digging, touching the soil and planting these organic fruit seeds. In the future, these seeds will become tree and their fruit will be shared and nourish the body of the person who will eat it…and so the BHSG. The beauty of this project will inspire, encourage, and help others appreciate the importance of growing and sharing food.

In my own view, gardening is not just planting food alone; it is about how I reconnect my self to other precious lives existing in my natural world by giving my energy back to earth. And for me, community gardening is about how we maintain and nurture a healthy relationship with other people. It is an important alternative to solve the problems we are facing such as famine, malnutrition, and even food poisoning. By doing this positive action, we can put an end to our consumption to expensive and unsustainable food available in the supermarket or fast food chains that’s heavily laden with harmful pesticides, antibiotics, artificial flavorings and preservatives.

When there are many community gardens everywhere, no one will ever experience starvation and diseases will never be that difficult to handle. When there is decentralization of food distribution in local and in the global level, surely everybody will survive in this world! Unlike now, multinational corporations, backed by corrupt governments, are constantly monopolizing the production of food while endlessly encroaching the people’s right to health and natural medicine. As a statement, BHSG project is a constant reminder that natural medicine and organic food is important and nobody should deprive us of the right to grow them and share them to others.

As people, our role on this planet is to coexist with other sacred earthly beings and experience the wholeness of nature and life. As an organization, the goal of BHSG is to provide an alternative that promotes sharing and cooperation and to educate others about the importance of community gardening especially in an organic way. In the near future, we will share our time and skills to other people so that they can also start growing food for their survival. To plant food for a healthy consumption, to cook the harvest of our patience and persistence, to share it to other people in need (involved or not involved in this project), is to bring ourselves back to earth. - By Life

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