Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Office...

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves" -Gandhi

It is kind of unimaginable how everything slowly builds up; it's so great to see ideas slowly grow and struggle its way up into existence. Like a seed, becoming a life itself - a being. And so, I am very happy to be the instrument in the birth of this garden and as part of the process, too, I am now starting to germinate. I never had experience of "real" gardening before and as a child detached from the beauty of natural reality, deprived of the idea of "healthy life", i didn't mind living in a world of adverts, pesticides and fast food toys. Although eating junk in a fast food restaurant like Jollibee or McDonalds is a very seldom thing for me to do when I was a child (because I came from a poor family), I still see through the lens of the past that I was a victim of this "grand experiment". Unfortunately, I am not living in a comforting and sincere society so nobody cares what happen to the water, the air or the food that we consume... and so nobody teach about the importance of gardening and living an organic life.

But now, I feel very lucky to be in this place; with library full of important ideas and inspiring stories, it is here at this place that a Sharing Garden project in the Philippines was born - a humble house, full of memories of both wonderful times and stupidity - is now naturally becoming a womb bearing the dream of health and abundance. Hearing that our story is now unfolding, some of our friends are very happy and are now willing to help in their own little ways. As a gift, I will treasure and develop this knowledge and skills and i will continue working to make everything possible.

While waiting for the donation of seeds to arrive (thanks to Llyn and Chris!), we are now planning for future activities and work.

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