Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A visit to Talicud Island

Last time, we visited our friends in Talicud Island to give them donations of gardening tools for them to start their own sharing garden. With just a little money, we bought the most important tools for them to use and gave them as a gift for being nice to us every time we go to their place. 

So we woke up early and headed to the port in Magsaysay, but we arrived a bit late because of so many things to prepare for our 3 day vacation so we waited for the second craft instead. All three of us were very excited but a bit tired and sleepy. 

We left Davao at 1PM and after 45 minutes of ride, we finally arrived at the island and started to take a hike to our friend's house. They were surprised when we arrived and were so very happy to received the gift that we brought. They thanked us and offered to help cook for our dinner. 

Our friends live simply in a small house with their daughter and grand son. They also have few animals such as pigs, chickens, cats, dogs and a cow. They have fruit trees and very few vegetables. They were also dependent on the ocean for their food but these days, they seldom go out to catch fish because of big fishing companies that used to exploit this area so that is why they want to start a garden.   

So during those times of our visit, we helped them on their everyday chores and we talked to them about many important things related to gardening and community. We also showed them some movies about gardening. Our friend John also helped them start digging the area where they want to do the garden. Hopefully, they will be successful so that they will enjoy the many positive benefits of having their own organic garden. 

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