Thursday, October 11, 2012

Failures and persistence

Greetings to all of you! While improving the soil in our garden, and I think it will take five more months from now to see a better result, we are also doing what's best to produce even small amount of food for the volunteers. We have seen small successes but the challenges we have to face are seem very strong, appearing every now and then. One example is the problem we encounter every time our tomato starts to bear fruit. It also starts to turn dry, the leaves become yellow, the fruit splits and slowly, it dies. There are probably many reasons for that - not enough water or too much water, the soil is very poor, it has too much nitrogen, or very acidic. So that's why I started to search on the internet about this problem and found out that it is a common problem in planting tomato. So now I would like to share these helpful sites that some of you may want to check to learn about this problem.

Information On Common Tomato Plant Problems

 Common Tomato Problems (Videos)

So I hope it will help you find out how to deal with this kind of problem. Honestly, I find it hard but I need to learn how to solve it or else we cannot enjoy the pleasure of eating organic tomato in the future. Anyway, here are more pictures of the problems in our vegetables:

premature ripening of under-develop melons...

 bitter gourd (ampalaya) infested with worms and sometimes ripen and die at early stage...

eggplant leaves decimated by insects...

So these are some of the problems that we need to solve for the moment. And for the soil, these are the things that we are doing right now...

 collecting organic matters from the shops nearby

 mixing cow dung, banana peel, and dried leaves

Meanwhile, here are some improvements and changes:

 front portion of the garden
And finally, here are the wonderful volunteers...

Thank you very much too all of you!!! 


  1. Hey metta!

    You are doing a wonderful thing in Davao. I see that the people enjoy what they are doing, and for sure the garden will shine even more.
    There is great pride in taking care of nature, with great rewarding. And joy!
    We're actually about to start a community garden too here in Kessel-Lo, Belgium. I'll be following your adventures with care. Maybe we can cooperate for seeds and other exchanges one day.
    Keep us posted & Share knowledge, experience and good times!
    Bless you and the works that you do!
    Cold autumn greetings from Belgium!

  2. And don't give up!
    Thank you :-)