Monday, June 25, 2012


For the past few months, things have been tricky but basically fine and still uplifting.  It’s because no matter how we worry about the situation of the project such as volunteer participation, community understanding and support, soil fertility, time, money, etc., we still feel that the positive side of life is more alive in many places and community. This is not over romanticization but a true perception based on the real connections with wonderful people and their projects that are overwhelmingly pulsating in many parts of the world! We receive inspiring letters every now and then; we read beautiful stories of hope and courage from different organizations, and even thought of doing simple task together to help each other in our visions and aspirations. So for this opportunity, we would like to give thanks to these people that are strongly dedicating their skills and time to make this world a better place to live.  Please visit their website if you have time.

The Sharing Gardens (by Llyn and Chris)


Free Farm Stand

Navdanya (Vandana Shiva)

PUNPUN (Center for Self-Reliance)

High Mowing Seeds
 Urban Organic Gardener (Mike Lieberman)

The Generous Garden
Hearty Roots Farm

So these are the people that inspire us in simple but deep ways through their projects and campaigns and they never fail to cheer up our spirits no matter how far are we to each other. In this journey, that all of us should consciously take part in, there are thousands of things that could constantly remind us that life becomes more meaningful and beautiful when we do something to help others and ourselves while improving things together. For now, we would like to leave you with a quote from one of the letters of our supporter/friend. Thanks!

"Even if we sometimes feel that the little bit we are each doing on the planet doesn't make that much difference, it really does. Our minds are all connected. Keep planting seeds and watering, weeding and caring for them. They will blossom and bear fruit some day."  

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