Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little improvements and little harvests...

After having delays and disappointments on our desired process and outcome, we decided to accept our limitations and consistently put our focus on soil fertilization and public education campaign for the moment. Perhaps after another six more months of continuous collection of different organic matters for compost, we will see some great changes in the soil. And while waiting for some of these little plants to be ready for transplanting, we are also currently enjoying our time creating music, reading books, visiting to friends, or writing our thoughts for both artistic and personal reasons. It's time to get more serious on gardening, but also to consider fixing things little by little rather than pushing ourselves against the big rocks. For now, we would like to share these photos and show how things are going right now in the project. 

Meanwhile, at the moment here are the few things in the garden that provide little food every once in a while for the people helping...

Green Bell Pepper

Contender Bush Beans

Mung Beans and Corn

While taking care of these wonderful but few vegetables, we also keep ourselves busy in preparing schedules and materials for programs we want to actualize for the Sharing Garden and other concerns. We finished some of the posters and signage for the garden library, burned files on DVD (gardening movies and ebook) for giveaways, printed more brochures and leaflets and of course, found few individuals for education programs regarding our project and campaign.        

Ampalaya or Bitter Melon

Luckily, these eggplants from Greece survived. Hopefully it will successfully bear more so we can save seeds for the next planting. In addition, here are some of the food we harvested during those previous weeks/days. No matter how few, most of the neighbors who got involved before had the taste of these blessings.  

So far, these are the only pictures we can share. Please wait for more photos in some few days. For now, we would also like to give thanks to people who donated money for this project. Without your help, this project and our desire for helping other people through this idea will never be possible.

Lastly, we would also like to give thanks to groups who donated seeds for the garden. For more positive response, we shared them to other people who are interested to plant food in their home or community. Again, thanks and we wish you all the best!  

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