Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vision Statement

In the beginning…

A community that promotes the value of sharing and practices sustainable and environmentally sound organic gardening while generating local and community economy

A community that plants natural medicine and organic food that can support the people involved and some of its neighbouring families

A community that can teach others to start a garden through contributing their skills and physical effort voluntarilly to help them produce their own pesticide-free and chemical-free food and medicine

Two years later...

A network of self-reliant gardening communities within Davao City (and beyond!), sharing varieties of seedlings and organic produce while encouraging and helping more communities to start an organic sharing garden

An earth-life-spirit connected communities upholding the principle of saving seeds for times of crisis and sharing food to those in need

A network of inspired communities able to contribute their skills and dedication to build strong alliances and create meaningful activities beyond gardening (ex. Community strengthening, free alternative education, cooking lessons, art lessons and exhibitions, cultural and musical sessions, etc.)

The place and the future…

A place abundant in natural medicine and organic foods for future generation

A living ecology able to sustain a healthy inhabitants for numerous years

A model for a sustainable and environmentally correct way of land management

A place able to supply enough quantities of fresh produce to some places in need

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